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19 June 2009 @ 01:18 pm
but posted to my LJ instead of my FB to appease those who wish my LJ to get updated (although this hardly counts :P)

Go to google, type in "(your name) needs" using the quotation marks. Write down the first 10 things that come up

I did this for both Wright and Wrongway. less than 10 distinct entries came up for Wrongway. Half of the entries for Wright are regarding some dumb reverend.

Wright needs to stfu right about now
Wright needs a reality check
Wright needs to go away, but maybe, just maybe, someone wants him to keep on speaking, wonder who they could be?
Wright needs to be stopped!!!!
Wright needs his best stuff
Wright needs help naming new boy band
Wright needs prayer
Wright needs your help!!
Wright needs your vote
Wright needs you!

Wrongway needs more food to get to Stratton
Wrongway needs to be sent to Iran to sit at the feet of the Mullahs and take instruction from the Masters on how truly free, decent, God-fearing societies are properly formed and maintained
Wrongway needs to post his own shows or go download some sublime torrents
Wrongway needs to be posting on here more
Wrongway needs to stop slurping the ref
Wrongway needs to do a tear down on the QT and discover what exactly is wrong before deciding some expensive PT conversion when it may already have one or not even need it
Wrongway needs new chaps
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29 July 2008 @ 09:40 pm
Fifteen years ago I...
was eleven, and about to leap up to scouts after having had a fun time in cubs. I had breezed through grade 5, although I didn't care for my teacher all that much. didn't have all that many friends either, but I had my scouting to keep me happy.

Ten years ago I...
was sixteen. just received my Chief Scout's Award. not wanting to join Abby's Fire Venturers, I decided that I'll continue on in 5th Abbotsford as a cub leader. Grade 10 was yet another easy year. Done with Abby Jr, it's now time to step up to Grade 11 at Abby Sr.

Five years ago I...
was twenty-one. This was quite the turn-point year. Some good, some bad. Had a winter job as a Tube Park Operator at Hemlock Valley Resort, My mom had recently kicked my dad out with some encouragement from me, but then hooked up with an alcoholic soon afterwards. after a couple months of that with me being 100% against this drunk, I got kicked out in Feb/Mar. I've got nothing to do with either parent anymore. then in the summer, I had gone to PJ'03 as an OOS for a program. That's where I met Alton, and decided to do something for myself: Instead of just being a leader with 5th Abby, I now decided I'd be a rover as well. I've never moved prior, all my life was at one stable home, but this year I moved 4 times. I started working at PetroCan after PJ'03. I got the Associate of Arts Degree from UCFV this year, but still haven't done anything with it yet.

Two years ago I...
was twenty-four. My second year with a kick-ass summer job as Park Naturalist at Cultus Lake & Sasquatch Provincial Parks. Ran the MOC 1 camp, and planted the seeds of an idea for an Abbotsford Venturer/Rover group with Ryan. University grades have been going downhill since living on my own and working graveyards and other retarded hours at PetroCan. MOC 1 together with the park naturalist job have helped turn me into more of an outdoors nut than I was before.

One year ago I...
was twenty-five. I've given up at UCFV. Still working at PetroCan. The Sumas Mtn Crewpany has taken off and is a great group thus far. Ryan and I ran MOC II together, and it went well. what little money I make is balanced out by what little money I spend, to the extent that I was able to go to England/Scotland/Wales last summer. at this time last year, I was touring the WJ'07 site, and about to go to Brownsea Island for the 100th Anniversary of Scouting. That really was an awesome trip. I'd like to go back there sometime.

Yesterday I...
had yet another uneventful day at work.

Today I...
planned the last bits of MOC 3 at our meeting with my group. or at least, those in my group who are going.

Tomorrow I...
will be shopping with a few members of my group for food for MOC 3. Most of our meals are already bought/cooked/dehydrated/brought to the bowron lakes/brought back as surplus food/given to my group for MOC 3.
but we still need some more.

Next week I...
will be dehydrating any last meals we need for MOC 3, and packing.

Next year I...
will be twenty-seven. I will be no longer a rover and wishing that something I did within the last year changed my situation somehow. Hopefully have a better job. I wouldn't mind being in the same place if I were manager. And a girlfriend would be a welcome addition to my life.
31 December 2007 @ 12:41 pm
my current landlord phoned me up
we're gonna be ok for a little while yet. the reason we had to move is so his cousin from India can move in.
and he just found out his cousin will be staying at some inlaws for his first couple months, so we'll be ok here for Jan&Feb.
we still need to find a new place, we will be moving soon. But we can breathe.
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30 December 2007 @ 06:33 pm
I've been kicked out of here a few weeks ago. wasn't given enough notice, but whatever. rather than be an ass about it, I started looking around for a place. found one too. a little more expensive than I wanted, but it was a place. the landlord wasn't worried about getting a damage deposit from me right away. I was planning on moving on Wednesday.

talked to the landlord again today, and he said that he was away over christmas for a couple days. and while he was gone, his wife rented it out and collected a deposit. damnit.

back to square one.
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26 October 2007 @ 02:41 am
I was thinking I went a little light on souvenir buying on my trip, and now that the Canadian dollar has been surging, I figured I could do some online buying.
The british pound had dropped to just under $2 CAD. after MasterCard's buying/selling rate, it worked out to $2.04 = £1 (it was $2.20 for my trip)
Wendy spied the Welsh flag I was given, and wanted it, so I figured I'd buy her one as a thank-you for taking care of Tiki while I was at PJ'07 and my BritTrip. (she loves it btw) I found a site selling them for a decent price, and figured since I was paying shipping anyways, I'd buy a welsh hat and shirt too. Cuz Wales is cool.
I bought some stuff from the UK's scoutshop website too. a couple various pins and badges I missed out on on my trip (BP House was selling out of a number of items by the time I got there), and a WJ mug (I've got a mug from each jamboree I've been to except PJ07 which didn't have a mug, and I didn't want to carry around a breakable mug for my entire trip). There was a Scouting2007 flag at the Cheshire camp that I was really tempted to steal, but didn't, so I bought one of those, but the main purchase was the Centenary DVD! http://www.scouts.org.uk/dvd/
It's pretty cool, I'm pleased. Cool fact from the DVD: Scouting For Boys is #4 on the all-time best sellers book list, behind the bible, the Koran, and Mao Tse-Tung's Little Red Book
total damage though... $117.58 (£57.68) including the two shipping charges.
The scouting package came in the mail today, the welsh package arrived two days ago.
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09 October 2007 @ 01:12 am
I bought a GPS receiver a week ago. Garmin etrex Legend at Canadian Tire (for $3 less than MEC)
an impulse buy, which is very odd for me.
the main thing I'd like to do with it is map the Sumas Mtn Scout Camp
also, do a bit with it at the RB site just for sake of it, really.

I started a little geocaching too. found 2, couldn't find a third (a micro). there's about a dozen within a km of my place.
we'll see if this 'sport' grabs me or not. I looked at the associated Waypoint stuff... it's not nearly as interesting

geocaching is free after your initial purchase of a unit. but the geocaching.com site is definitely set up to cater to those who pay a fee. which I won't. I feel so disabled when I'm on that site. like there should be an option here, or something else there, and then find that yes, those things do exist, but for those who pay. that website is starting to annoy me
also with money, I've heard that maps for GPS devices cost money, and lots of it.
until now...
from the groundspeak forum thread http://forums.groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=160104
"Canada's Government Provides Free Online Access to Digital Mapping Data"

Canada's New Government Provides Free Online Access to Digital Mapping Data
"users of digital topographic data will no longer have to pay to use digital versions of government maps and data. ... as of April 1, 2007, Natural Resources Canada began making its electronic topographic mapping data available to all users free of charge over the Internet"

The new no-fee access policy applies to data that is solely owned by NRCan. ... As well as waiving access fees, NRCan is lifting all cost and licence restrictions on the redistribution of the data.

"With the ongoing rapid growth of the Internet and the resulting drop in distribution costs, it is appropriate to make public information in digital form available without any restrictions on its use or redistribution"

which led to thread posts such as

Awesome news! Maybe we will be able to do our own map updates soon rather than waiting for Garmin and Maggie to sell us new, yet out of date, mapping software.

We just need some keen programmer to make up a program to automatically convert the ESRI files into MP files and we can have free topos on our GPSrs just like the printed maps....

then a new thread: http://forums.groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=174764
"Free Topo Maps for Garmin GPS, I'm bored..."
one guy is actually making the maps now! it's quite the process it seems, so he's doing it by request of mapsheets.
he's an albertan, so obviously 82/83/84 were done first. 52 and 72 have been requested and completed, and now I've requested he do 92, and some maritimer has requested 11. http://atlas.nrcan.gc.ca/site/english/maps/topo/map for those who don't understand the numbering system.

I'm getting excited about it. I think it's awesome.

the maps have been / are being / will be put online at http://mapcenter.cgpsmapper.com/
now the challenge is for me to figure out how to get my computer to talk to my gps nicely...
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21 September 2007 @ 01:17 am
I looked through my online banking statements and tried to pick out the brit-trip related expenses from the other stuff. Much easier to do on my mastercard, since it's not used much for anything else.
I came up with a grand rounded-off total of $2300.
approx £1000 depending on when you checked the conversion. (right now, the Canadian dollar is surging actually, so £1000 is $2000 at the moment)
so here's the Best Bets...
Vancouver to Britain, July 28th - Aug 16th, all inclusive, $2300
all inclusive means all food, souvenirs, travel, accomodations, flight, passport, etc.
the mastercard is all paid off now... thanks to my grandma loaning me more money than I needed for school.
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22 August 2007 @ 01:00 am
I posted pics (and a bad map) on Facebook
link for non-FB users:

it's not as bad as we thought
Scouter John went up to camp and told Ryan there's nothing left of the 1st Clbk site (best site, and where the campfire has been wired for pyro)
Ryan told me, and I told the rest of the crewpany, and so we went up tonight for our meeting to survey the damage and see what's left of our camp
it's not as bad as we thought it was going to be
there's a high point of 400m elevation near the camp, which is where a new cell tower is going to be planted. and to do that, they need a big huge road, and this road cuts through our camp
we're not sure if the lease has run out for the camp, or if they cut up our camp without permission. if the lease has run out, we're gonna squat and continue using the camp as we have been
the outhouse by 1st and 5th abby sites is right near to the road, and the trail there runs quite close to the road too, but doesn't cross the road.
this road seems to be built solely for the purpose of putting up a cell tower, so once that's done, hopefully the road won't see any use... except by us when we're too lazy to pack gear in.
I'm against cell phones at camps... but on the plus side, there won't be anymore misheard directions
mother nature's definitely done an excellent job on the trails. it's very overgrown since we were there last in the spring. next meeting we'll have some machetes and beat back the bushes.
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21 August 2007 @ 11:34 am
forgot to say in the last post:
the pics are on facebook, so if you've got a FB account and don't have me as a friend, search for Wrongway Ww, then find the pics
if you don't have facebook, here are the links to the albums. these links don't allow comments though. you need to be a FB user to be able to comment
since facebook has a limit of 60pics per album, there are 9 albums

1: Jul 28 - Aug 1 YVR, LGW, Downe, WJ'07, BP House, Poole

2: August 1st '07 Brownsea Island

3: Aug 2-3 Gilwell Park, London

4: Aug 3-6 London, Tribe

5: Aug 6-9 Tribe, Manchester

6: Aug 9-11 Manchester, Tribe

7: Aug 11-12 Tribe, Glasgow

8: Aug 12-15 Glasgow, Chester, Northern Wales

9: Aug 15-16 Bedfordshire, MAN, YVR
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19 August 2007 @ 08:47 pm
my Brit Trip '07 pics are up on Facebook now
it took a while to go through 1022 pics. suppose I didn't filter out all that many, I uploaded 540.
please feel free to comment on them
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